Friday, March 23, 2007

Mongolia Culture Website

Mongolian Culture Website:


Mongolian Culture

From the Leeds University Library Webpage

Mongolian Culture, an online resource from the New York based Indo-Mongolian Society, aims to introduce its users to contemporary Mongolian culture, recommend wider online and print resources, and to provide information on the society's activities. The main page contains several photographic images of Mongolian life and culture, along with links to a map of Mongolia, and texts on Mongolian law, culture, art and history. From this page, users can also navigate to lists of online and print resources on Mongolia. Print resources are classified by essential and recommended reading, and there is also an online excerpt from a translation of The Secret History of the Mongols. Users will also find a long list of online resources on Mongolian history, including images, articles and reading lists. Other collections of alternative gateways cover: news; culture; and art.
The website also features its own textual introduction to Mongolian culture, and provides more extended information on a number of topics, including: films about Mongolia; Mongolian dance; the horse in Mongolian culture; and Mongolian storytelling. The website reproduces five papers given by speakers at the Indo-Mongolia Society. In addition, users will find summaries and textual information on the Indo-Mongolia Society's recent and future activities.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mongolian History

Ilkhanid Mongol Court Scene
Mongolia History

Mongolia History Blog

We have added a Mongolian history blog to our main webpage:
The Mongolia History blog titled 'Mongolia History' is found here at:

Scholarly articles on Mongolian history along with historical images will be presented to provide a range of knowledge about Mongolia, Mongol people and related topics.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Asashoryu Victory March 16th, 2007 in Osaka

Asashoryu Victory March 16th, 2007 in Osaka
Sumo's grand champion Asashoryu manhandles fellow Mongolian Kyokutenho and sends him backward into the dirt during their bout in the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament at Osaka, western Japan, on Friday. Asashoryu, who's seeking his 21st career victory, now stands at 4-2 after Friday's final bout. Kyokutenho dropped to 1-5. (AP Photo/Kyodo News)
(March 16, 2007)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mongolian Greatest Rock Band plays Brooklyn, New York

The Legendary Mongolian Rock Band 'Hurd'

Mongolia's greatest rock band 'Hurd' played Brooklyn, New York on March 9th, 2007 to a large audience of Mongolian rock fans. Hurd presented a strong show of Mongolian favorites that appealed to all the generations of Mongolians present for this special event including some Mongolian teeny boppers. The jovial Mongolian crowd sang along and danced till the very last song and left hoping for Hurd's return to New York once again.

Mongolian Tsagaan Tsar Celebration in New York City

Mongolian Ger at Tsagaan Tsar in New York City

A Mongolian Tsagaan Tsar celebration was held at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City on February 3rd and 4th, 2007. The RMA events for Tsagaan Tsar including presentations of Mongolian throat singing, Tsam masked dancing, and workshops on Mongolian jewelry making and mask making. A showing of the Mongolian film 'The Weeping Camel' was included as part of two-day celebration of Mongolian culture.