Friday, December 1, 2006

Rubin Museum of Art Growing its Collection

Rubin Museum of Art (RMA) Displays the Strength of its Growing Collection through Concurrent Exhibitions

RMA celebrates the increasing strength and depth of its quickly growing collection through the presentation of two new exhibitions, Mongolia: Beyond Chinggis Khan (November 3, 2006 – April 16, 2007) and Building the Collection: Acquisitions 2005 – 2006 (October 13, 2006 – February 9, 2007). Two years since joining the cultural landscape of New York, RMA continues to expand upon its mission by collecting works across the broad expanse of geography and time, religions and cultures, which compose the story of the Himalayas and surrounding regions. The works of art on view have been selected because they enrich the story of Himalayan art in unique and meaningful ways.

Mongolia: Beyond Chinggis Khan draws specifically upon RMA’s strong collection of Mongolian art to present a view into the stunning variety of ritual masks, paintings, sculptures, and other objects created over its 800 year history. Artistic influence was absorbed into the country, particularly from Tibet and China, and radiated outwards in a continual exchange of ideas and styles. Generously interspersed throughout the exhibition are contemporary photographs of Mongolian landscape, life, and people by artists Builder Levy and Elaine Ling. The photographs add present-day nuance and a vivid sense of place to the works of art on view. They weave an additional layer into the exhibition by couching the works of art in the perspective of outside observers.

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